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Avantcar d.o.o.
Dunajska 140
1000 Ljubljana
Toll-free number: 080 21 14

About us

AirPortsCarPark ranks as one of the top Slovenian providers
of rent-a-car, chauffeur-driven rental, short-term and long-term business rental, fleet management and airplane and vessel charter services.

We are building trust and satisfaction from our customers with competitive features, such as fast and quality services, reliability, punctuality and high adaptability to the needs of our customers.

The commitment to quality and the orientation towards satisfaction of employees and customers represent important factors of our development. We research and develop new business models, processes, solutions and markets, thus providing for our long-term and stable growth.


Our mission

Our mission is to provide professional, comprehensive and quality mobility services, which are tailored to our customers and increase their success and competitiveness.

»The Fastest Way to the Best« represents the foundation of our relationship with the customer and our commitment for preparing the solutions that are in accordance with the customer’s requirements and expectations, and are, at the same time, optimal in terms of costs and functionality.


Our vision

Our vision is to strengthen the position of a successful internationally established provider ofcomprehensive solutions of new-generation mobility. This will be achieved by establishing comprehensive relationships with customers, by strengthening business connections and partner relations and by investing in the development of knowledge and modern technologies.


Our values


  • Business excellence.
  • Competence – professionalism and responsibility.
  • Satisfaction of customers and employees.
  • Speed and adaptability.
  • Reliability and consistency.
  • Promotion of changes and creativity.
  • Ethical conduct in relation to customers as well as in relations among employees.
  • Teamwork, cooperation and continuous learning.



We, at AirPortsCarPark, are dedicated to our mission. We share common goals and dreams, which is why we are successful. We actively design a work environment in which all employees have a number of challenges for professional and personal growth. All employees are aware of their own personal responsibilities for company success and like to take initiative for their own personal development as well as for the development of their departments and the entire company. We conduct business according to the highest ethical standards, think positively and upgrade our professionalism with human emotional and spiritual values.


With regard to its method and approach, the company ranks among the most successful Slovenian learning companies, which can also be traced in the published professional study literature (Dr. V. Dimovski et. al:Učeče se organizacije, p. 312-314, published by GV, 2005).

The book Avtentično vodenje (Dr. V. Dimovski, Dr. Sandra Penger, Judita Peterlin, M.Sc., published by GV, 2009), which answers the current questions and problems regarding company management, present Avant car as an example of the practice of authentic approaches to resolving the challenges of a modern company.

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